Beard shape tool!

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Guys! Have you been having trouble with the ultimate shape of your beard while shaving? Worry no more! The new flexible beard shaping tool is easy, handy and great to use everytime. Feel confident everyday! Visit this website for more i

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Sunwukin Waterproof iphone 5/5s

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Today i want to share with you about the iphone case from Sunwukin on amazon. They have a selection of phone items you can check out.

So they sent me a free iphone case 5/5s to share with you. I must say its more than i expected. Its not only the case that comes in the packaging as you can see in the picture..Its this cute little bundle.

Its waterproof,dustproof & shockproof…No need to worry about your phone getting wet or falling down and getting broken!

Would definitely request you check out Sunwukin now! You will be pleased with the price,shipping and quality guaranteed!

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Quest bar

Hey buddies,

 So today i got two quest bars from the Quest company absolutely free. I went on to their website and just for inquiring about their product they offered to send me two full size protein bars.

So i got the chocolate chip and blue berry muffin bars. To be honest i ate the chocolate chip protein bar only and it is made of cookie dough with chunks of chocolate chips. This stuff is real. Its very solid for a small bar. I ate one and i felt so full packed with energy from the protein. It tastes like actual cookie dough. Trust me this is not like other regular protein bars. I would definitely recommend this to someone who is always busy and likes to have a hearty snack in their bag then you have to try the Quest protein bars!


Today I recieved samples from the truvia company. So I am going to tell you a little about truvia.

 So first we will talk alittle about truvia calorie-free sweetener from stevia leaf. The product is Natural,great tasting sweetness from the leaves of the stevia plant. It is GLUTEN FREE, KOSHER FREE and DIABETIC FRIENDLY. You can use this to add ZERO-CALORIE SWEETNESS to your coffee,tea,fruit,oatmeal,yogurt and so many recipes.

 The truvia nectar stevia sweetener blend with honey is also a great item. This has 50% lesser calories per serving than sugar and yet is twice as sweet as honey. Can you believe that?Awesome isnt that so? You have to try it now! 

 Learn more about truvia at or at or you can also follow on Instagram at or

#walmart beauty box

Hello friends!

 Today i am going to share an unboxing of walmart beauty box. Now first of all…this is free…the only thing you do is pay shipping which is only $5….trust me you get more than $5 worth of items in the is a seasonal get it 4 times a year for each season..the one shown in the above picture is the fall beauty box that i got in the mail today…stay tuned as i will try each item to give an honest review/opinion on each item. If you are interested in getting these go onto…

L’oreal free sample

Today i got an exciting new freebies posted straight to my mail box from the L’oreal company. Thank you so much.

Its  for ultimate straight hair perfection. Plus it comes it a $2 off coupon to purchase the full size product. So for those girls who love straight hair this is perfect for you. I think the promotiom is still on you can visit their website at http://www.L’;

I love the heavenly floral kinda sweet scent. It cleanses the hair well without it being overly dry! 

Bzzagent & Herbal Essences.

Bzzagent is basically a product reviewing website where they send full size free samples to your mail box and in return after trying the samples you have to give an honest feedback. So i got my first box. It is herbal essences hydration:coconut fragrance. I got a bottle of shampoo and conditioner(full size).After using this product my honest opinion is that i like the way my hair feels. Its SOFT,CLEAN,FRESH,NON GREASY and most of all has a LUSH FRAGRANCE OF THE TROPICS.Totally loving this. Please join at