Meyers: Hand Lotion & Hand soap review!

Hello my cute pandas! Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful week.
 I am here to share with you my honest thoughts about two products from Meyers as mentioned in the title. I wasn’t aware of this particular brand until I received it through a campaign from crowdtap. ( Crowdtap is a website you do little polls, surveys & test out products for free for an honest review).

Mrs. Meyers aromatherapeutic household products has been manufactured since 2001 for cleaning purposes!

So let’s get start,shall we? First here is a picture of the first item.

It’s the hand lotion in the scent of the herb basil. Which also has Shea butter & almond oil in the mixture. I have received a 12 FL oz bottle and I must point out it really does have the scent of basil. It’s mild and not too high or distinct. It’s not a scent I adore or would go looking for in the store but it’s okay. It’s non-greasy and absorbs fast. Not too oily either. I like the fact that it comes with the pump applicator  for easy access especially when you are on the go. If I were to rate this item between a 1-10 scale I would probably give it an 8.

Moving on to the next item in question is none other than the liquid hand soap. So without further delay here is a picture

So there you have it. The hand soap is also in the scent basil incorporated with olive oil and Aloe Vera. I really enjoyed using the hand soap. It leaves my hands feel clean and fresh with a mild scent of basil which works great for me because I love to wash my hands a lot when I am in the kitchen cooking. It also has a pump applicator which is quite awesome! I would give the hand soap a 9 out of 10.

Generally Mrs. Meyers is a good brand simply because it is unique. It is made from plant derived ingredients. The bottles are made with at least 30% post consumer plastic and it is not tested on animals. You can checkout their website at WWW.MRSMEYERS.COM for more info.

Did you use any of these products? If so leave your valued opinions or concerns in the comments. Love ya all!


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