Jack N’ Jill Natural toothpaste review.

Hello everyone! Today I will be trying a new toothpaste I haven’t heard of it before. I received it in my daily goodie box (company that sends out samples free for trial in return of your honest opinion).

Jack N’ Jill has been manufacturing since 1949 and is a company from Australia. Thats probably why I may have never heard of it.I received the Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste in the flavor Raspberry. 

I got it in a 1.76 oz tube which is perfect for travelling. I have tried it and I must say I was impressed with the results. I have never tried flavored toothpaste so I was skeptical at first but it definitely tastes like Raspberry with a very slight hint of mint.It is in the form of a clear gel. It can be used by persons aged 6 months or older. 

It is organically certified flavored and Calendula! Fluoride free with no preservatives and safe to swallow. No color added. So I would probably recommend it mostly for kids just because its safer. 

As for the results of breath and tooth results. I followed the instructions on the tube which is brush twice daily with minimum pressure in circular motions. Given a 1-10 results I would give it an 10. It did a good job cleaning my niece’s  tooth and having fresher breath.It is an absolutely wonderful toothpaste given that it has so many positive things about it.

Please note it is cruelty free-not tested on animals.

For more information checkout their website on WWW.JACKANDJILLKIDS.COM

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